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What inspires you to create?


Some times are intuitions due to an analysis of common life which I like to

translate ironically,  some other times I get inspiration by shapes, fashion and

aestethics; often I take an existing object and try to think it  again in a different

viewpoint trying to joint more functionality; we always start from the necessity

of  creating  a simple product which could give you emotions and stupor but always

satisfying a concrete necessity.


Where do you work on your designs and projects?


My house/Atelier allow me to experiment and work on material  or virtual prototype

and then I let them realize by small businesses of south or  center of Italy,

(I’m coming from Bari – Puglia region of South Italy)


What one of your products is your best “hit”?  


My great satisfaction is “Elastico Bookcase” a simple intuition which got large

media confirmation but also from my line of bags named “Ochobags” it’s  an idea 

I’m very fond of…any way I think to love all my products as a kind of sons.


What do you like most: create products or interiors?


Surely I feel more inclined to create products but never forgetting the context

where to insert it and  whom is addressed to.


Do you have a mentor, or more than one?


I have more than one , everyone with different style and ideas; I’m enchanted 

with current design of 50/60 years , with Scandinavian design or Bauhaus design

the golden times of Italian design with Ponti,Castiglioni, Munari and also 

japanese design  and finally with new generation of dutch design.


What one product in the history of design do you wish had your name on it? Why?


I like very much The Campana and Bouroullec brothers

Actually I’d like a Brompton bike , the folding one light and confortable

nice but a little expensive.


How do you imagine the interiors of a house a century from now?


Perhaps I hope we’ll be able to eliminate the superfluous and surround

ourselves with green and light useful things.

I see interior and exterior spaces which join together with armony, may be

on floating islands the one of Laputa..


Decoration, and design what future?


I think about coming back of material, of the natural and the ornament

as  sensory experience , to the necessity of remember and  surrounding

with objects having a history; but the future of design will settle scores,

from now on, With the sustainability.


What are your favorite places in a house? Why?


The bath room , by me , is the warmest and intimate room in which take refuge


There’s anything you would like to change in the design scene?


Surely we have too many chairs , cars, mobile phone and televisions


Reveal us your next projects.


Actually I’m maintaining a line of products : tables , pottery accessories,

texiles and lamps ; developing new models ochobags for man

designing new products  on limited series adopting artigianal and italian productives techniques. 

Some question about me...

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